Multiple ways you can be scammed

Multiple ways you can be scammed

Since scams seem to be increasing I thought it would help to have a list of ways people get scammed. I have recently been deluged with scammers trying to get my phone number. Text messages, emails, websites, fake tech support, Facebook scam1, FaceBook Scam2, Facebook Scam3dating sites, Nigerian scam, Craiglist scam1,Craigslist scam2Amazon scam, the 12 scams of christmas, scam baiting, Reputation defender scam , RIAA scam, iPhone4 scams, scam, Netflix scam, Phising scamLinkedIn requests have had spam. One of the newest phone scams is being charged for texts that you get tricked into signing up for. Of course if something sounds too good to be true it is.

Other scams include Gmail you have missed email phishing. That one is popular in the pharmaceutical industry. I also had a friend who I got a spam message from who account in Gmail had been hijacked. You can fix gmail being hijacked here. I suggested switching providers since I have had other customers have their gmail account hijacked. She didn’t want to do that which is her business. I shared with her that one customer got repeatedly hijacked in gmail even after enabling 2 factor authentication and changing her password. To me, if something is broken into then it is no longer worth using. However some people don’t feel that anything on the web is safe, so they choose to stay with their current provider no matter how broken they are. I had suggested ProtonMail which is secure/free but she wasn’t interested.

Security is a full-time job in IT. I wonder why non IT people don’t seem to care more about it?

16 Ways You Can be Phone Scammed

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