Looking for a WordPress gallery plugin thats easy and looks great?

Looking for an easy WordPress gallery plugin?

You want Gmedia Gallery. I tested out a ton of gallery plugins which had various problems. I found the free Gmedia Gallery to be the best one that I tested. It has an easy interface, was intuitive and fast to get started with. In fact, you can see how easy it is in the video below.

It was surprising but many gallery plugins are overly complicated, or really are pushy. One of them I liked, but when I tried to add more than 15 pictures to the gallery it said I needed to buy the pro version. After you spend time learning the interface, getting things setup – for them to not disclose this is not my style. It doesn’t matter how much time I invest in your product, I shouldn’t feel that it is a money grab. If you have a legitimate reason why something can’t be done, i.e. it takes too much time, then present that as an upgrade. I do upgrade software I find useful. However first let me use it in a practical and reasonable fashion before you limit me.

My favorite kind of software license is where you have access to all the features for 30 days. That is very generous and allows you to really get a feel for the product. Then it is fair that you pay for it. I don’t even mind shareware nagging you every time you start it up. That is fair too. However when you start limiting the features arbitrarily because you are pushing someone to the paid version, that isn’t fair. There are many people who are not rich and depend on free software to live. Working in IT I see people who are disadvantaged because they can not afford Word software for example. Some people send their resume in using Works or WordPerfect and that always causes issues. Software is as important as books and should be free for people who need it.