Want an custom built iOS app for a cheap price?

Sara’s list below is an excellent summary of the options. I used Como and in a matter of minutes I had the start of a custom built iOS app. It was so easy! I just followed the easy step by step process and it couldn’t have been easier. It showed me what the screen would look like on the iPhone and how the changes I made instantly were updated. Anyone with basic computer skills could make an app. You don’t have to be a designer or work with computers for a living.

The only downside I see is that the template based approach of this might make your app look like every other app. However on the other side of this, having a standardized and known good look might make your app more popular. To me I would appreciate my dentist or other professional having an app like this especially if it could automatically schedule an appointment or have secure information about my case that I could easily reference. This is probably years away though. Still a guy can dream can’t he?

Of course your other option for a custom built iOS app would be to pay for a programmer to do one. Considering how most programmers cost at least $100 an hour, it is easily to see why this program could be a great first step for a company to get their feet wet in the iOS world. If I was a business owner I would try one of these and then when I worked out something that was useful for my customers I would approach a programmer for custom things that these templates may not offer. Still knowing that you can change things yourself is a pretty powerful approach to managing your business.

Best App Maker - App Builders and Creators - Business News DailyWhat a nice service for your customers to have your business information easily accessible for them.

Best App Maker – App Builders and Creators – Business News Daily.