Google publishes flaw after the 90 day waiting period

Google publishes Windows vulnerability despite no fix from Microsoft | The Verge. So Google published the flaw after giving Microsoft the 90 day waiting period to fix it. I wonder if this will be the new tactics competitors use to undermine each other? Publish a list of security flaws that aren’t fixed?

GoogleThen when the hackers attack their customers, they can say it wasn’t their fault. I have learned in life that even though something may not be your fault, it is your responsibility if you are getting paid for it. Microsoft clearly has the responsibility here, but Google didn’t help the situation.

It was only a week ago that the PSN (PlayStation Network) was taken down by hackers. It is clear the hackers are the “clear and present” danger that all technical people need to be aware of and mitigate. When a major corporation makes a hackers job easier by deliberately releasing information, it seems disingenuous to say that they fulfilled their legal responsibilities. The article said they would be monitoring the situation closely. That proves they knew that there could be repercussions. To me, if you know there is a risk and you do it anyway, that borders on irresponsible. Am I calling Google irresponsible? No. They are using this as a “test case” apparently, but it sets a dangerous precedent. I don’t believe we all gain when we help hackers in any manner no matter how slight.

You may enjoy reading more about how to secure your computer and website from the experts in the above links. You might wonder how secure is your iPhone 5S and 6 fingerprint? No one has been hacked yet from using the fingerprint feature. ProtonMail is finally up and offers secure and encrypted email so once they work out the bugs then I am switching to them from Gmail. What a great day that will be!

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