WWYD Please, Give Me A Break! – YouTube

WWYD Please, Give Me A Break! – YouTube

It is beautiful when people care for others. So many people stopped and offered to help this mom it really gives you hope that everything will be alright in the end. Apple still cares even when you don’t have Applecare. If you get care from a spine surgeon than the best care will be if two doctors help instead of just one.

There are so many ways to show you care. Mr. Rodgers said that sometimes doing things that other people is a way to show you care for them. Just being an optimistic spouse can give your partners benefits. If you are more philosophically inclined you might care to read this.

What is so great about WWYD is what I shared before. I actually have a few that I’ve shared so here is a list.

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What is so great about all of these examples of caring in this article is that the people doing them are just sweet, kind people. There is no ulterior motive. So many times we have a good example from others. Ellen Degeneres for example has helped so many people and yet she says that she receives the better part. You can see the people that Ellen helps are so incredibly grateful and happy. It isn’t just that it helps them, but that they are being helped by someone who isn’t even related to them and given an hand up.

Anyone who can give a hand up and help someone become a better person or have a better life for others deserves to be the real stars of life. Thats why doctors, educators should be stars. Why do we value other things than this as a society?

WWYD Please, Give Me A Break! – YouTube.

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