Music and humor that moves people

Music and humor that moves people

This is some of the music that I’ve featured on my blog and it is emotionally moving for people. You might enjoy the links below.

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  8. 15 Funny YouTube videos
  9. Classic (Old) Music Videos
  10. The Boys are Back in Town mashup I YouTube (Click here for more mashup videos on this blog)
  11. 99 Somma in Kiez (German mashup)
  12. Mashup Thomas Dolby vs. Yuseck
  13. Take me on the crazy train mashup
  14. Here is a giant list of the best 50 mashups

This article discusses the legal strategy of mashup. Most music services will not carry it. I discovered many great mashups on Grooveshark but unfortunately it is having legal problems so its future is uncertain. I even had a celebrity ask for my opinion on Grooveshark. Grooveshark was my first music streaming service but the best music streaming service is Rdio. I wrote comparisons of other music streaming services in case you don’t like Rdio. It used to be that music videos not hosted in the US would be blocked. Increasingly however legal versions of those popular videos are available. It is great that they realize that people want to enjoy those videos/music rather then blocking access. What would be even better if a video can’t be streamed, why not have an option to pay to buy it? Then everyone is happy.

You know that you can use Chrome extensions and other methods to get around this country specific media blackouts. So it makes it all the more silly when companies try to impose those. I have never done that, but many other people do and I have never heard of anyone getting in trouble.

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