Stories from my past: Twirling the rope

I was friends with someone who I considered my best friend. We often spent time together and I always enjoyed her company. Because we were almost the same age, we were in the same grade and saw each other around the school often. In second grade she would often ask me to twirl the rope so she and her gfs could jump. They always said what a good job I did but I think it was just being buttered up because no one else wanted to do it.

Why am I sharing this? I was happy to twirl the rope because it made my friend happy. We don’t have to serve others to make ourselves happy, but often I have found in my life that my happiest times were in helping others. Like everything in life there is a balance between meeting our own needs and helping meet those of others. What did my friend do to make me happy? Well it didn’t hurt that I knew lots of her friends, and that they talked to me and were my friends too. I often got teased by the boys that the girls liked me so much and I “had cooties” but I never considered it a burden. It always seemed to me that people make fun of what they are jealous of, and I try to remind that to my friends who got teased growing up.

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