Stories from my past: Still a problem with the cough?

I have had the good fortune to be able to afford to see doctors when I am sick – I know not everyone can do this. So when I was sick I went to a new doctor since I had moved into a new neighborhood. He was a very through older Indian doctor who took more time with my examination than anyone ever has. Sounds like I’m writing a recommendation doesn’t it? The point of this will be apparent shortly. Anyway, he said that I would be ok in a few days and he wanted me to call back then to see how I was.

A few days passed and I did feel better. I thought about calling him but honestly no other doctor I had asked me to followup with a call so since it was a little unusual I didn’t call. Undeterred, he called me! He made sure I was ok, thanked me and said goodbye. What a wonderful follow through! I wasn’t sure about going back to him because he took more time than anyone else has and examined me more throughly than anyone else has. Isn’t it strange that when people take our time with us we get impatient? But if they don’t spend enough time with us, we feel slighted? We are funny creatures aren’t we? We expect others to know our magic amounts of attention.

He talked about partnership in health in our first meeting and I agree that anything that is successful has clear communication. I wonder how many other people he has surprised in his career with a phone call? Why am I writing about this? It is something that I do. I randomly check up and see how my friends and clients are. I think that being proactive means you have to stay in touch with those who support you. It is a nice touch.


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