WordPress error WordPress database error Lost connection to MySQL server during query

WordPress › Support » WordPress database error Lost connection to MySQL server during query. I received this message in my error_log from this site. It turns out it was due to 3 different errors.

The first problem was the database itself. I went into the SQL cpanel and asked it to rebuild the database. I had to do this three times to fix the two minor problems it found. The third time just confirmed that there was no errors.

The second issue was due to the max_segment size also noted in the error log. Apparently by default MSQL has a 1 mb limit for the size when it submits information. I googled the solution and found the term and tried to run it. It would not run because even though I am on my own VPS (private server) it would not recognize me as a superuser. The support at InMotion hosting did this the same day as my request and this was the major error.

The third problem was the size of the error log. It was almost 30GB and I only had a 40GB space. So it was squeezing my free space and taking valuable CPU time in writing error messages.

Yes kind of boring, but when you have a WordPress blog these are the things that infrequently happen.

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