Star Trek and limited choices

I am watching Star Trek TOS and I realized something. Almost every episode of Star Trek has obvious solutions that are never considered. For example, one episode there is a problem with the transporter and it doesn’t work. Meanwhile Sulu is freezing on the planet below. Why not just send down a shuttlecraft? Are all of them broken? Or why not land the ship? Voyager has no problem landing the ship. Why not heat up the surrounding area with a phaser beam? Certainly that could get things toasty? Or send down simple heating things like wood and a match or a spacesuit? So many ways to keep ok while they are fixing the transporter.

300px-Leonard_Nimoy_William_Shatner_Star_Trek_1968So it occurs to me that often we look at life with limited choices. We don’t use our imagination and consider different options. One of the things that surprise me as I get older is that life seems to have more choices and be more grey than black and white thinking. It is easy to do what has always been done, but thinking about the source of why things happen and long-term solutions seems the only thing worth doing.

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