Is the Internet making us shallow?

It occurred to me while I was stumbling, that I am getting increasingly tired of sites that have shallow content. Maybe you have seen the warning signs of shallow content.

  1. Slide shows
  2. Fits in 500 words or six paragraphs.
  3. Looks like every other millionth website on that topic.
  4. More advertising than content.

You know that old saying “You are what you eat?” I am starting to think that we are starting to turn into people stunted in our thoughts, feelings and spirit. Why? For the following reasons.

  1. Top 10 lists or anything that seeks to reduce a complex topic to a simple concept. We are adults. Some things need to be acknowledged they are complex, and to accept that simple answers aren’t always available.
  2. More generalities than specifics. Why even bother reading something if you don’t gain something new from it? We don’t need people to restate the obvious, we want to be touched with an insight or joke.
  3. Lack of saying no. Listen if you want to create something special in life you have to say no. Not because other things are not worth doing but because you already committed yourself to your current projects. What I see are tons of invitations to do more things on the internet, and taking time away from your real goals and things that make you happy.
  4. Display of sameness. I get it. I understand why many websites feature photos of attractive women/men. While those may be fine for a moment, they can’t bring you lasting happiness. Why do we accept and even pay for things that become less effective in time? It is clear that you get used to certain standards in life, and more of the same isn’t useful it is just noise. What seems clear is that we should support and encourage those who have the courage to be different, because it has always been though differences that genius is recognized and humanity moves forward.
  5. Trying to mirror life in our new virtual world. From Apple’s goofy faux leather interfaces to clumsy GeoCities, we seek to push reality into this medium. Instead we can create something that is better than the past. We are like a monkey afraid to let go of a dying tree to swing to an alive one with food and shelter. We have to be willing to take chances if we are going to find solutions to improve the quality of life for all people. Clearly the status quo is killing thousands of people each day, and that we seem to accept this as “normal” seems the most crazy thing of all.

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