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Apple fruit
Apple fruit (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Review: Bad Apple – Technology Review – StumbleUpon. I don’t think this is a fair review. Apple can’t do everything correct. For example, he complains about the mail reader, calendar and PDF preview. There are good options for all of those, and Apple didn’t invent PDF. The fact that the company that invented PDF can’t make a decent reader shows it is difficult.

You often see these kind of articles when Apple gets popular. Yes, it is true that as things get complex, it is more difficult to keep the ease of use that Apple is known for. I think for the most part Apple does great with its OS. It slips, but its clear that they care about quality. Certain segments will always be displeased by the majorities needs. Almost always third-party options are available. More complex, yes. Impossible, no.

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