The 5 types of women that men encounter on the Internet

The 5 types of women that men encounter on the Internet
Internet Bubble - McCarran Int'l Airport, NV USA

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I have been on the Internet awhile, and I seem to run into people who stereotype themselves. So since that happened today, I thought I’d write a post to help steer people away from people who will waste your time.

  1.  The Cam Girl – this woman you often meet on friendship, social or networking sites. She seems like a normal person at first, but then asks you to talk on Yahoo IM. Then she asks if you want to watch her cam. How to avoid: if they ask you to talk on Yahoo IM, 90% they are a cam girl.
  2. The Golddigger – this woman you meet on the same sites above. She seems normal and will talk to you perhaps a few days to even a month. Then she will drop subtle hints about how poor she is, or a tragedy or accident will occur with a family member. She expects you to give her money. How to avoid: if anyone is excessively friendly, calls you babe, honey or any other term of endearment early, it’s the red flag.
  3. The proselytizer – She wants to convert you to her cause, whatever it is. Normally it is about religion or politics, but everyone has their pet causes. It starts to get weird when they talk about a subject but won’t let it go. How to avoid: if someone talks about a cause they are passionate about and seems to be one-dimensional it is time to say goodbye.
  4. The empty personality – This is a woman who expects you to entertain her. She is normally quite boring, and doesn’t give/take in a conversation. How to avoid: If you talk to someone and they don’t care to contribute to the conversation, move on.
  5. The controlling personality – This is a woman who wants to control every aspect of a possible friendship/partnership. It is funny how often people say they want something, but they act in ways that are opposite to getting it. How to avoid: if the other person isn’t willing to consider your point of view or desires and meet you halfway, let them go. They aren’t worth your time.

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