FREE Wireless WiFi Site Survey Software for MAC OS X

FREE Wireless WiFi Site Survey Software for MAC OS X

FREE Wireless WiFi Site Survey Software for MAC OS X. This is an interesting way to help define the range of your wireless signal. I like the fact that the map allows you to pin a scan detail to it. This makes the process much easier. There are many things to like about this product.

I think however it won’t be popular because of one of the steps that is required to accomplish this. Step 1 asks you to load a map image. I don’t think that the average person is going to have a map of the space where they are installing Wi-Fi access. I think its reasonable to assume that most mac users are small business/home users and so asking to have a map might be a difficult step for them. Perhaps instead of that step, they could leverage Google’s API’s for google earth and get the outline of the house or business from Google Maps. Ask them to enter their address. It is also possible of people to create crude maps with regular drawing tools, but since the mac doesn’t come with default drawing tools, that introduces another level of complexity.

I think that the people who would benefit from this app are people who are scientific and like the most bang for their buck. They will take the time to draw up a map, and then walk around and use this program. It could also be popular with Macintosh consultants, or WiFi installers.

If it had an iPad edition it would bring lots of attention to this computer edition. If there were basic drawing commands built in to draw the map like Tux Paint then it would be a big hit. I just can’t see the customers I have helped wanting to draw an at scale map of the place they want to map.

Competing tools like AirMagnet do more, but the required hardware would cost thousands of dollars. That is not the target market this product is going for. Other options are in this Ars article, but cost hundreds to thousands of dollars and require a high level of technical expertise.

I could be wrong. Perhaps people have easy access to at scale maps from their landlord or refinance process. Still this is a helpful tool it just takes some effort to use it.


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