Stories from my past: Vending machines make great coin counters.

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I was curious one day so I started to put my loose change in a vending machine. I didn’t want to buy anything, I just wanted to see how much change it would accept before it demanded purchase. To my great surprise, I got to $10 of change and ran out and it was willing to take more.

I tested this theory again today and the machine went up to $5 in loose change and that is all I had. So I push the change back button and it comes out in quarters! What an easy way to get quarters and count your money. Just thought I’d share this with everyone. Don’t pay 10% to get your change counted. The downside is that they don’t take pennies, but you can use one of those machines that do accept pennies if you don’t want to tag and bag em. You would be surprised but most banks don’t have change counting machines anymore.

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