What a joy it is to live!

What a joy it is to live!
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Do you ever just realize what a joy it is to live? Yes there are always problems, but as you grow older you learn to forgive and love others more easily? Well meaning people tell us that the point of life is to achieve, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. However just achievement is empty. Computers can achieve now many of the things that people used to do, does that mean we are no more than computers?

No I don’t agree. We are far more than computers. Not because I wish it to be true, but because of the immensity of the universe and small things we understand about it. Considering how mysterious and yet understandable the universe is, can there be any doubt that things function in a way better than we can presently conceive? I am not talking about appealing to a God here or the love of logic. It seems clear that some things are beyond logic and our concept of God. (Try to understand 10 dimensional string theory for example)

Those things are just hints of something even greater than we can conceive. I personally find this thrilling and humbling. To me, whatever causes the universe to exist if it is God or logic, I am grateful for my existence. I am nothing more than an ant in intellect compared to that, but I am glad that I am allowed to exist. Aren’t you?

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