Ever watched the movie: The Power of Forgiveness?

Shalimar Gardens (Kashmir, India)
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This is a touching movie. It talks about how children who take forgiveness training are more kind, understanding and interested in their fellow classmates. I think this is a very valuable idea.

Is it any surprise that when we have a society that values capitalism more than equality and fairness, that we have the kind of social problems we have? Nothing is wrong with having money, but something is wrong when we focus our time more on making money than on caring for the community for humanity.

Idealistic? Not at all. Caring is completely practical. Isn’t it a fact that we spend more on housing criminals and burying people in which great sums of money have been invested? What cost has society suffered with the pain and suffering in the pursuit of wealth and power? What could we do with the money used for wars instead on technology and infrastructure used for peaceful purposes? It is almost inconceivable the kind of paradise this world could be if we could remember that others happiness and success are just as important as our own.

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