Dell Inspiron Zino HD vs. Apple Mac Mini

Dell Inspiron Zino
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Pem’s Tech Blog » Dell Inspiron Zino HD vs. Apple Mac Mini, Linux. So yesterday I temporarily got a Dell Inspiron Zino HD to fix for a friend. She got a virus soon after buying it and Dell didn’t fix it even after two appointments that didn’t show up. Here is what I have learned.

It came with Windows 7, but no Windows 7 disk. Because my friend didn’t create a recovery CD, I had to call Dell for one. It took more than an hour on the phone and I was forwarded 3 times in order to be “approved” to get a CD. We will see if they send the CD in the 3 days they promised.

It doesn’t seem to work with any version of Linux I have used. PCLinux, Mint don’t boot. Ubuntu installed but when I shut it down it wouldn’t boot again. Also Ubuntu didn’t have a wireless driver and she needs wireless connectivity. All were the most current versions. I formatted the drive with Vista setup disk so I don’t suspect the virus causing this problem. I tried to install Vista and although it seemed to install it was very slow. It didn’t want to boot into Visa so I formatted it to Linux when Ubuntu installed. I have considered using Fedora or Sabayon but I haven’t decided if it is worth trying.

The Windows 7 home version is probably best for my friend. Still it seems that because she got a virus so quickly a better long-term strategy would be to use Linux. The problem is that she is she needs Microsoft Office and not really wanting to use a substitute. Since most people don’t like the dual-boot concept, the easiest thing for her would just to put Windows 7 back on. What distribution do you use that works with this Inspiron Zino HD or Inspiron 400 as Dell calls it?

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