I’m A PC (via Bugloaf)

Interesting isn’t it? People are so entrenched in their positions. What does it matter to convince someone who your belief is better than theirs? Is being one kind of person better than being another kind of person? I used to think when I was younger that what I believed was the most reasonable and rational. As I have grown and learned, a wide variety of things are positive and helpful.

Let’s take for example if you had used Mac when you were young and hated it. Great. So you are a hard-core PC fan. Even better. One day you buy an iPhone or iPad and you decide to give the Mac a chance. You still don’t like it. Does it matter? Does anyone who believe in the Mac somehow lessen your value as a PC user?

I'm A PCI don’t understand why people feel threatened by those who believe differently than them. Unless you are on trial for a crime you didn’t commit, why explain your choices? People believe what they want to believe. What you do when you defend or explain is really say “Well I don’t really feel secure in my choice so I need to justify it to you.” If you don’t feel secure in your decision don’t make it. If you don’t want to take responsibility for your choices don’t make any choices.

I have both a PC and a Mac. I have enjoyed both of them. I don’t feel any better or worse for spending money on either one. I find myself enjoying what I can do with the tool, not the fact of the name brand(more details why this is true here). Everything that seems a positive is sometimes a negative. What sometimes is a negative is often a positive. There is so much grey in the world why spend the energy over stuff that doesn’t matter?

The world has so many needs. Doesn’t it seem a little selfish to argue who’s got the best toys?

via Bugloaf