Sitting on the top of the mountain photo

Sitting on the top of the mountain photo

sitting-on-top-of-the-world-is-your-oyster.jpg from – StumbleUpon. Interesting picture isn’t it? I’m on top of the mountain looking down at creation…

So many beautiful photos of nature. You might enjoy this nature or this nature photo, perfect rainbows, Hamilton Pool Nature preserve, beautiful photos from nature, Nature as a part of us. Tired yet? Rather than show more photos, you can see lots more by looking at the Multimedia tab in the menu above and then showing photos. Or you can click on “Best of” and then select Photos.

Don’t you find yourself speechless when you see something that is beautiful? Natures randomness often produces things that we could ever imagine. You don’t really think about how limited and small we are until you look into the night sky and see the trillions of stars that look at us. Could any of us conceived the idea of so many possibilities? I don’t think so. What is wonderful is that as small as we are in our intellect, we are growing and understanding more of the universe all the time. I wonder if one day a human mind could understand something so vast?

Even if we can’t understand the universe, we can still appreciate everything that is part of our existence. We can value and treasure the diversity that our planet offers. We can find within ourselves that often we may not need a new car, but perhaps a new attitude. Instead of reflexively looking for a new gadget, we can ask if it will make us happy. Isn’t it strange that we continue to buy things when we know they do not make us happy? It seems crazy that instead of stopping to enjoy the flowers, we do the exact opposite and seek to speed life up so that we enjoy even less. Maybe its time for life in the slow lane?

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