Stories from the coffeehouse: Communication is key

Simple Linear Communication Model
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It had been a productive hour at the coffeehouse.  I had found some interesting articles and studied some new stuff.  I went to clean up and drop off my cup in the garbage and I overheard two women loudly talking.

“The professor doesn’t explain things very well does he?”, she asked her friend.  “Do you understand it?”

“No not at all.  I don’t understand how people can teach and not be able to communicate.  Communication is key.”, her friend said.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you both, but I couldn’t avoid hearing you both talking about how important Communication is and I agree with you.”, I said.

They both turned to me and smiled.  The first woman said “It is nice to hear confirmation!”, and gave her friend a cross between a high-five and a hug.

Her friend added “We are taking the same class and we can’t understand what the professor is saying so we are just having to teach ourselves.  Thanks for letting us vent.  Sometimes you feel that people don’t care about communication.”

We started some small talk for a few minutes and they explained how they felt that 90% of the problems in the world were due to just miscommunication.  I agree with that I told them.

“I am going to let you continue because I have some things to finish.”, I said.  “Thanks for being open to talking to me.”, I said.

“Oh of course,” the second woman responded.  “After all communication is key.”, she said with a smile.

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