Stories from the coffeehouse: I like to dance

Vladivostock Dancing Kids
Image by libraryman via Flickr

One day while I was working on the blog I noticed a young woman sit down at the table beside me.  She had a huge bag, which she pulled a laptop, books and lots of other stuff from.  She smiled at me so and I noticed her attractive glasses and said, “The glasses make you look smart”

She laughed and said “Thanks. I like yours too,” extending her hand to shake mine in greeting.

As we talked it became clear that she was studying for college and that she was a Filipina.  She was friendly but I needed to continue working so I said we would talk later.  When I left I told her goodbye and she flashed a beautiful smile.

It was a week later when I came to the coffeehouse and she was there!  I noticed that she had a small kid with her maybe a 5-year-old boy.  I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable since we had only talked once, but I didn’t have to worry.  When she saw me she smiled and I came over and talked.  Her son who was playing on an iPad like computer saw me and got out of his chair and said “I like to dance!” and showed me his skills.

“Oh you are good dancer,” I replied.  His mom laughed.

We spoke for a few minutes. She explained that its tough for a single mothers now, and I agreed.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a minimum wage job, go to college and have a child.  When I smiled at her again in my mind I was thinking “What a hero. When life gets tough you gear up and work harder.”  Where do people find such strength?  No matter what, she is already a hero for raising a child who has such joy and so open to share with others.


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