2009 HONDA Pilot Touring and iPhone4 bluetooth unreliable

2009 HONDA Pilot Touring and iPhone4 bluetooth unreliable

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Ziatron found a more reliable solution than using Bluetooth.

I also have a Honda Pilot (without the environment damaging Daytime Running Lights).

I found that the Bluetooth interface is not reliable.

It seems like every other time there is a new version of the iPhone firmware or an update in the firmware to my car radio the Bluetooth interface stops working.

I have since changed to a hardwired dock connector in all my cars. These ALWAYS work.

Just about any car audio shop can install these at a low cost.

They are unaffected by firmware updates, and they charge my iPhone and iPod at the same time. So when I get out of my car I have a fully charged iPhone.

Go hardwired, it will ALWAYS work.

Something like: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/geek-squad-universal-play-charge-solution-for-ipod-car-install-kit-gsc70a-in-store-only/10131667.aspx


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