People are No Longer Interested in People (via The Compulsive Explainer)

I’m not sure that this is true. People have always primarily been interested in themselves. They just have used other people to make it seem they were interested in them. I think technology is a way to externalize some internal processes that used to occur with other people. For example, in the old days a man might be yelled at for forgetting to bring the Milk home. Now with his smart phone he can write it down and he doesn’t forget. That internal process can be external, and it means that the man is under less pressure. Is the use of the smart phone mean he is avoiding people? Not if the intension and purpose of using it is to create a closer relationship of trust and love with his significant other.

What are they interested in? All kinds of things – and that is just the problem: things are not people. However, the total situation is much worse than that: people are no longer people – in the old-fashioned sense. They have become like the all-powerful, all-knowing, high-tech ecosystem they identify with – and consider people to be inferior beings – things that only get in the way. This is not a good world to be a child in. I am now reading Bor … Read More

via The Compulsive Explainer

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