Yvan’s solution to Merging two tables in Pages to one

Yvan is a genius!  You can read his solution here. “If we use the exact meaning of the words, the response is no and no.

If we play a bit with the meanings we may do the trick.

(1) I create a table with 6 columns and 5 rows.
(2) select cells D1 …F5, copy, paste in the document but out of the table. We get the right half of the table.
From the tool bar, reduce the number of columns of table 1 fom 6 to 3. Bingo we have the two halves of the original table.

(3)Select the first half and increase the number of rows from 5 to 10

(4) copy the entire second half, select cell D1 in the enlarged table, paste.
Bingo, we have the merged table.

For sure, a merge and a split tables features would be welcome but as the table tool is the one used in the spreadsheet, I would be surprised if these features where introduced one day.

Go to “Provide Pages Feedback” in the “Pages” menu, describe what you wish.
Then, cross your fingers, and wait at least for iWork’11 ;-)