Dreamed I was Bill Gates assistant

Bill GatesHe was a nice boss. I had a mini office next to his, but he spent most of his time with me working in his office. It started with him saying “The best part of being CEO is getting presents from people.” Then I noticed a christmas tree was set up in his office and some employees ┬ácame in and brought him gifts of cologne, wine and cheese. He thanked them and they left. I was surprised at this. I looked around the room and he went back to his desk to work on papers. He asked me to put the gifts with the others, and there was another room stuffed with things.

Thinking about this after waking up, I’ve had several dreams of Bill Gates. I have dreamed of meeting other famous people like Steve Jobs as well. I think it is a metaphor for my life. Do you ever dream of meeting famous people?

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