Can you trust Apple critics? Four products that failed to fail

This is an interesting article that briefly discusses the iPad and how past products were not well received when launched. Apple has had its share of things that were not successful its true. In fact I have an earlier post about that something like “10 Apple failures” or something. Still they get it right far more often than any other company that I know of. Sometimes they really get it right like with the iPhone.

I was asked the other day if I would buy an iPad. I said no that for me, it wasn’t the right features/price. However I must admit that I didn’t buy the iPhone when it first was released. The price point was too high for me. My needs are minimal, and while its fun to have new stuff I have to be realistic. However when they dropped the price I was the first in line. I have loved the iPhone and it has really grown on me. I think the iPad might be one of those things that grows on me. We shall see.

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