Dreaming of President Barack Obama

Dreaming of President Barack Obama

Has anyone been dreaming of President Barack Obama? Last night was the third dream that I had of him. Let me share with you, why I am sharing with you.

Mostly I understand that dreams are coming from an aspect of yourself, and that its more about you than anything else. However I can’t remember another time I have dreamed multiple times about the same subject. The dream went like this.

President Obama was in Chicago (where I live) and there was a panel that I was a part of. He was looking for ways to stimulate business and improve the economy. I don’t recall what I said but he was surprised that I had said it. He said “I hadn’t considered that. Bob is that possible?” I guess Bob was someone who could evaluate the ideas usefulness. I don’t recall what Bob said either. These details weren’t important. What I think was important was that I felt like I was part of the conversation, that an average citizen was part of the conversation.

I don’t pretend to have any answers to the situation we are in, but I would feel very depressed if any other president in my short lifetime were at the helm. Yes I did vote for him and don’t regret it. I am not excusing or apologizing for his behavior. I like the feeling that the small person does matter. Like when he suggested that the tax payers want their money back. I don’t recall any president holding anyone accountable like that in the past. When Carter tried to hold the American people accountable they got rid of him. Is it so hard to face up to the fact that we aren’t perfect as a people?

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