Great service at the Apple Store

Great service at the Apple Store

This is really nice. I forgot my Apple adapter for my laptop and when I asked an employee if I could use a regular 85 watt one for the other laptops on display, he got a separate adapter just for me! That is really nice.

The genius is working on my iPhone now and he is trying to recreate the issue. He said if he can’t, then he will replace the phone since I have done all the troubleshooting that he would normally do. That is good to hear. Either way I am happy.  He is going to swap it out.  He asked me if I needed to back anything up. Nope, I have MobileMe so all of my contacts will automatically sync. Not an issue. He had a black one, so I guess I’m getting the popular color now. Originally that color was out of stock when I bought it this summer. Nope, I get another white one. Nothing wrong with being white!

I had an original iPhone that had a problem and they gave me a replacement on that product as well. They really treat their iPhone customers great. Much better than any other vendor I have used.

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